About Us

At CoasterFRAME, we have devoted ourselves to creating simple and unique products. We want to see people extend themselves and improve their lives in every way, even when it comes to coasters. If you see what we see in the world – a nearly endless supply of high-quality coasters – then you understand the mission that we have set for ourselves. You know why we are doing this and what we know CoasterFRAME will mean to people worldwide.

CoasterFRAME:  A patent-pending multi-functional art frame for displaying and storing decorative drink coasters.

The coasters can be inserted into the frame, which transforms into a trivet or art plate. There are so many unique coasters that just end up hidden in drawers or cabinets. But from now on CoasterFRAME shines a light on the fun and charming coaster designs in people's kitchens, dining areas, and homes.