This is my first approach at launching a Kickstarter project. There are so many unique, nice and artistic coasters but it mostly stored at hidden place and even in the cabinet drawer.

Why those art coasters are not displaying like an art plate? From the moment the idea came in around September last year, I have been researching and validating the idea and found no such product in the market. As soon as I found the possibility, I decided to develop the World’s first product which I called ‘CoasterFRAME’ that stores coasters in the frame.

Since then, I was keep encouraging myself to make this idea a reality. I have been keep trying to change the designs and mock-ups to make product better and finally the samples are finally made and ready to manufacture mass production.

I understand there is no project without risks and challenges. However, with our teamwork on distribution the responsibility we will move the process as we’ve planned. We are excited to start the production and fulfillment process and ready to focus on getting the rewards to you as quickly as possible. As always, we thank you for your support.